XMODEL is an extension to a SystemVerilog simulator enabling fast and accurate modeling and simulation of analog/mixed-signal systems such as high-speed I/Os, RF transceivers, DC-DC converters, data converters, etc. XMODEL provides a single simulation platform supporting all the design phases including architecture exploration, functional modeling, circuit simulation, and even physical synthesis (place & route). With XMODEL, designers can verify complex mixed-signal systems with 100~1000x speed over Verilog-AMS or SPICE without having to re-write the testbenches as the design is translated from one abstraction to another.

XMODEL Basic Concepts

XMODEL expresses continuous-time analog signals in an analytical form, which also enables efficient, event-driven computation of the system response whose accuracy does not need to be compromised for speed.

XMODEL Basic Concepts

XMODEL Application Examples

XMODEL is ideal for state-of-the-art mixed-signal systems that include large amount of digital logic for feedback control, calibration, and reconfiguration. Most of those systems are impractical with SPICE.

XMODEL Applications

Statistical Simulation Capability

XMODEL is capable of efficient statistical simulation of jitter histogram, BER bathtub curve, and jitter tolerance (JTOL) curve of high-speed I/O interfaces with unprecedented simulation speed and versatility.

Statistical Simulation Capability

XMODEL in Publications

Contact Information

XMODEL is now available for commercial or academic licensing through Scientific Analog, Inc. For more information, visit http://www.scianalog.com or contact info@scianalog.com.

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